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I've been writing about the tech stuff for over 8 years. During all my life I was extremely curious about regularly invented things like mobile phones, PC, smart watch etc. And my keen interest in writing is about simplifying complicated things, to make them easy and accessible for every reader.
foto:nokia lumia 635

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 635: Similarities and Differences with the 630-the Model

Based on the 630-th model, Lumia 635 was transformed by the addition of 4G features to the device with bright colors and an affordable price. But many are still disputing the need for the emergence of the product on the shelves. Nokia has created a device on the operating system WP, which had what to show to competitors based on Android (a prime example is the 520 model). Read more


Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 720: Budget Version for Connoisseurs of Lumia

If we take for examination any smartphone based on Windows Phone 8, their similarity will be evident to all. Everything from internal components and up to buttons, is the same or quite similar. In turn, this concept has played a significant role in the recognition Lumia line. These phones with colorful polycarbonate back cover and the side edges, with a solid glass front will etch in memory for a long time.  Read more

Foto:nokia lumia 730

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM: «Farewell Kiss”

The news that the American giant Microsoft buys Nokia shocked many in that time. Any mention of the products of the Finnish company disappeared from the official websites. Being presented at the exhibition in Berlin, Nokia Lumia 730 was the latest classical Nokia model and a farewell to the faithful fans. In this review we will learn more if our favorite company could leave the scene nicely. Read more

Foto: nokia lumia 735

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 735: First of its Kind Selfie-Phone from Nokia

Nokia unconditionally follows the latest fashion trends. Any trend the Finnish company adapts to its products. If you are a fan of an Internet surfing and frequent visitor of social networks, the word «selfie» just will not cause misunderstanding. “Selfie” (so it sounds on more accessible Russian language) – auto-portrait. In September 2014, on the shelves of stores there appeared the first selfie-phone from Nokia.  Read more


Nokia Lumia 1020 Overview

The development of the Lumia 1020 concept started in parallel with the Lumia 920. It is felt in the design and dimensions of the unit. Its release was delayed due to the transfer of unique 41 megapixel camera on the Windows Phone platform.  Read more

foto:Nokia Lumia 1520

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520: Features, Photos and Advantages of the Unusual Phablet

This device is the first attempt to create a Finnish smartphone with a screen diagonal of 6 inches. This feature automatically transfers it into the category of Phablet or, as they are often called, plafond. The flagship device has no direct competitors in the market due to the installed WP8 OS and FullHD type display. You will figure out whether it is rational to produce such products after having read review. Read more