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I've been writing about the tech stuff for over 8 years. During all my life I was extremely curious about regularly invented things like mobile phones, PC, smart watch etc. And my keen interest in writing is about simplifying complicated things, to make them easy and accessible for every reader.

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Asha 306: Practical Touch Phone

Not all touchscreen phones are destined to be complex and confusing.  Nokia Asha 306 cannot be called as a wondrous guest from the distant future. Simple touch candy bar, which has a number of unitary, but necessary functions. It can hardly compete with the multifunctional and inexpensive Android-phones. But let’s not forget, whose brainchild is it. The review will point out the strong point of this device. S, let’s start! Read more

Foto: Nokia_5228_review

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia 5228: a Practical Budget-Touch

The Finnish company decided to develop the budget phones market in a simple way. Having taken the successful model Nokia 5800 as the base, it has repeatedly made some changes, reduced functionality and modified design. Due to such metamorphoses, such devices as Nokia 5230, Nokia 5235 and the hero of our review, Nokia 5228, were designed. The last model has become the cheapest product in this series. The cost has been reduced, so that the unit was able to successfully compete with Korean devices. Having changed something in the Nokia 5230 (abolished the GPS module, the other color palette and no additional back covers in the set) made possible to release 5228 model, which is cheaper but with the same “stuffing”. More information is given below.  Read more

Overview of the Smartphone YOTAPHONE

Unique Phone

YOTAPHONE is Russia’s first smartphone that managed to make a lot of noise around it before its appearance. The hype around him was not only due to the fact that it is a Russian, and due to the fact that it is the first phone that has 2 screens. Read more

Overview of karbonn ks808t silver

The main advantages

Mobile phone Karbonn ks808t silver is a single-screen keyboard. As the screen it is used a quality touch screen with diagonal of about 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The benefits include the availability of connectors for installation of two SIM cards of micro and mini formats. The model supports GSM and WCDMA standards. Read more

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia E6: Affordable Business Unit

With the appearance of the NokiaE71 with QWERTY-keyboard on the market, the world of mobile gadget turned upside down. It would seem that the age of pushbutton phones has ended, but Nokia “E” series has placed new emphasis on fashion. Since the release and to this day, the E71 model remains for such devices as benchmark, and only the Finnish company can approach it. Future depreciation of “QWERTY-phones” forced Nokia to transfer the above series in the lower price segment. So, the Nokia E6 was presented to public – the phone that is very similar to the legendary E71, but at the same time having its own unique face and software. The hero of this review was a worthy replacement to the family’s leader, but at a more affordable price. Read more

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia 808 PureView: Unique Camera Phone, Reviews, Specifications

Many people would agree that the appearance of such an unusual and innovative product on the market as the first camera phone from Nokia was a moment of revelation. Until 2012, no one could assume that the emergence of hybrid devices “phone-camera” is possible. This smartphone has a unique 41 megapixel (!) camera – figures unattainable for many SLR cameras, not even mentioning the phones. Read more

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia 700: Thinner than Thin

At one time, this unit was one of the first super thin smartphone. In addition, it had the brand new (at that time) OS – Symbian Belle. Among other things, Nokia 700 has an outstanding appearance. This unit was able to demonstrate all the positive qualities of its OS in spite of general  non-perception» of Symbian. Read more

Overview of fly iq4410i phoenix2 black

It presents capabilities of the mobile phone fly iq4410i phoenix2 black. This configuration is a type of relatively low-cost developments, which are no different from the models of other similar companies. phoenix2 has a fairly powerful quad-core processor, is the flagship of the entire series of “Phoenix”, and is a unique model of its kind.  Read more