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I've been writing about the tech stuff for over 8 years. During all my life I was extremely curious about regularly invented things like mobile phones, PC, smart watch etc. And my keen interest in writing is about simplifying complicated things, to make them easy and accessible for every reader.

iPhone 3G: Worthwhile Unit or Advertised Brand?

Without any exaggeration, Apple has become one of the most popular brands of the past decade. The dream of millions is the coveted gadget with bitten apple on the fold. Most of the manufacturers of such equipment blindly inherit all the achievements of the corporation from Cupertino. How such popularity of “fruit” gadgets is justified, and whether there are really equal devices? The question is not easy, and everyone has to find the answer by themselves. You can do this by reading below given overview of the representative of the iPhone3G family. Read more

Overview of the Lenovo S820 Smartphone

The long-awaited update of the Lenovo line finally happened from 1 September 2013, sales of a new elegant smartphone for entertaining started. This newcomer has become Lenovo S820. According to the manufacturer it is fashion and powerful phone. Read more

Overview Lenovo P780

A couple of years ago, a little-known Chinese company Lenovo slowly but purposefully started penetrating the market of computer and mobile technologies. In 2013, they stunned all by Lenovo P700i. This was not the limit of their capabilities. Immediately they released the aluminum model on the Intel – K900  processor. What can hit successor P700i – Lenovo P780?

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Motorola Google Nexus 6: Overview of the Most Anticipated Phablet

Phablet Motorola Google Nexus 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones. Phablet is being predicted by good sales, even in spite of its not the lowest starting price. Any device even recognized as the best, usually has some drawbacks. But as a rule, a successful combination of some advantageous, can cover all the flaws. Same can be said about the Google Nexus 6. Read more

Overview of the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

We waited it, we wanted it, and then finally the Samsung released the phone in an aluminum case. This is the first phone company with such case materials.  All previous phones were made of plastic of different textures, whether the phone was in a glossy case, whether in matt or rubberized case. There were also options of skin back panel, like it was in Note 3. So, finally we got Samsung Galaxy Alpha in aluminum case.

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iPhone 4 – “Glass” Dream

Even skeptics have to admit that in the line of iPhone another prominent and attractive gadget has appeared. It’s about iPhone 4. The device became not only more beautiful, but also more functional one. But the view should be based on proven facts that are below in this review.

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Overview of the Smartphone Apple iPhone 4S

It’s no secret that instead of released iPhone 4S, fans of “fruit” technique had been awaiting for appearance of the 5th version. A death of Steve Jobs has led to a temporary drop in the value of the company’s shares, and accordingly, its popularity in general. But the company «Apple» could derive some benefit even from this.

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