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I've been writing about the tech stuff for over 8 years. During all my life I was extremely curious about regularly invented things like mobile phones, PC, smart watch etc. And my keen interest in writing is about simplifying complicated things, to make them easy and accessible for every reader.

Overview of the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new product of Samsung. In appearance it is very similar to S4, apparently the designers did not really want to work, and so the changes are not very big. The only change from the time of S4 is its back cover. By appearance it is plastic, by touch – skin. Outwardly it looks like the ceiling of VAZ 2106.

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iPhone 5s review. Timeless style

September 2013 gave to the world another “apple” smartphone, which traditionally are getting better and better with each successive release. How ha it performance increased, and how it is better that “5th” model?

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Sony xperia z3 review

Sales of the new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 began a couple of months ago, and there is already information in the network about its successor – Xperia Z3.

This fact, however, is not surprising, because the update cycle of Sony flagship is six months. Therefore, the second announcement in this year will take place, according to tradition, in August (IFA 2014).

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