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iPhone 5s review. Timeless style

8.4 out of 10
Our rating is based on assessment from the top technology's websites like cNet, Techradar, PC Mag, Wired, Tomsguide.

Display 4 inches, 1136 x 640 pixels. LED-backlit widescreen, Multi-Touch with IPS. 800:1 contrast ratio.

Camera 8 MP primary, 1.2 MP secondary. Video: 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 120fps.

Processor A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. M7 motion coprocessor

Memory 1GB RAM. Capacity - 16, 32, 64GB.

Battery Li-Po 1560 mAh battery (5.92 Wh). Talk time: Up to 10 hours on 3G.

Inside 4 inches, 1136 x 640 pixels. LED-backlit widescreen, Multi-Touch with IPS. 800:1 contrast ratio.

September 2013 gave to the world another “apple” smartphone, which traditionally are getting better and better with each successive release. How ha it performance increased, and how it is better that “5th” model?

What’s New?

At least three distinct changes in the design of the smartphone took place. The first is the color palette. In addition to the traditional monochrome interpretation, there appeared several colors. From the new colors:  gray with black details and white with gold.

The next that it is worth attention is True Tone flash with two LEDs (warm and cold). This option allows the unit to autonomously select the desired shooting mode, relying on external indicators.

The button «Home» has lost its traditional form (gray rounded square), but got a new scan “fprints” unction – Touch ID.

Appearance of iPhone 5s

At the time of release this smartphone fairly bears the title of the most beautiful and stylish. Apple does not deviate from tradition to create a new trend by release of each new product.

The phone is an exact copy of its predecessor. From “5th” it differs only in more advanced color palette (see the above review). In general, “5s” is as always perfect and flawless.

What funs will like is a height and width which are slightly bigger than predecessor 4S has.


Also there is a rather small differences in design between 5S and 5C. Despite that, 4S looks smaller and with different borders and back panel. At the image below you may compare three of TOP Apple phones.

Flagship Filling

Another good tradition is to improve the technical characteristics of each subsequent product. In this case, the performance improvement is due to hardware improvements.

The developers have done the impossible, giving the iPhone 5s 64-bit A7 processor (instruction set ARMv8).

Interestingly, this little thing is produced by a direct competitor to Apple – the Samsung Company. CPU frequency is low enough – 1.3 GHz. However, as manufacturers claim that the last model was the “nimble” than “5”.

One should note a debut of M7 coprocessor. This innovation, in fact, helps relieving the main processor, plus it removes and processes the phone sensors. This reduces the power consumption.

Camera iPhone 5S

Unlike its competitors, Apple Corporation chose a slightly different path of evolution of their photo devices. If others are betting on the frequency and the constantly increasing number of pixels, the iPhones store 8-megapix matrix, increasing the size of a pixel.

Its value does not reach the record holder HTCOne (1,5μ against 2μ), but its advantage is visually against 4 megapixel of the last.

Compared with the “5th”, there has been increased aperture of lenses. The camera got not only good processability but and software support too.

For example, it provides high-speed (up to 120 frames / sec) video in HD-quality. Coprocessor A7In is also involved in estimation (improvement) of images.

Answering the question, if iPhone 5S can replace professional cameras, we prepared several photos to compare the image quality.

The photo was made from car cabin with slow lack of a day light.


Below there are 4 photos from dusk to a full night time.

Shooting into sunlight.


And the last one is a daylight shooting from 4S and 5S cameras.


Touch ID in the iPhone 5S

It is impossible not to allocate this function to a separate paragraph. Fingerprint is not a something new in the world of smartphones.

However, no one device with such function “highlight” received wide popularity. As an evidence of this fact is that only a few people are able to remember at least 2-3 models.

Perhaps, only due an “applemania” Touch ID has got its well-deserved popularity.

This function will be used to unlock the phone to confirm purchases, facilitate the password entering. Touch ID is a reliable protection of your personal data.

Its usability is in in quick access to programs. Now smart can be lead to life at the touch of a button “Home”. The only problem that may be encountered, the phone has to get used to its owner, and remember his prints.

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