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Overview of the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5

8.6 out of 10
Our rating is based on assessment from the top technology's websites like cNet, Techradar, PC Mag, Wired, Tomsguide

Display 5.1” (FullHD), 1920x1080, Super AMOLED, PPI 432

Camera 16 MP (speed focusing, 4K video format)

Processor Qualomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC (2.5 MHz), 2 GB RAM

Memory 2GB RAM. Capacity - 16 GB. MicroSD 128 GB

Battery Li-Ion, 2800 mAh (removable)

Inside 5.1” (FullHD), 1920x1080, Super AMOLED, PPI 432

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new product of Samsung. In appearance it is very similar to S4, apparently the designers did not really want to work, and so the changes are not very big. The only change from the time of S4 is its back cover. By appearance it is plastic, by touch – skin. Outwardly it looks like the ceiling of VAZ 2106.

It is not clear why the side frame became ribbed, as such texture looks like as plastic, or even not as just plastic, but like cheap painted plastic. If it was smooth, it would look much better


On the front panel of the Galaxy S5 there is a screen FullHD with 5.1” diagonal. Traditionally, here is also located Super Amoled matrix that accomplishes this wonderful display. The frames at the body sides are a bit wider because of the rubber layer, which does not allow water to get into the body. So, the frames had to be increased. For the same reason, at the bottom there installed a stub at the entrance micro-usb. The phone is protected throughout the body, so the phone can be safely lowered to 30 minutes in the water to a depth up to one meter and nothing will happen. Outwardly the S5 does not look like a waterproof phone, it cannot but rejoice.

A high-speed micro-usb port version 3.0 is under a single phone plug. By the way, the company drew attention to battery life. For the lazy there is a super energy-saving mode. When you turn it on, the phone turns off all activities and programs, and then you will be available to use only 6l applications on the black-and-white screen with low lighting, and a lack of communication such as Wi-Fi and NFC. However, you will be able to make phone calls and use the Internet through the SIM card. In such mode that phone may work the whole day with 10%, and the battery itself has a capacity of 2800 mAh.

The evolution of the Camera

Manufacturers have improved the camera. S4 version was not bad, but this time it has become almost perfect. The camera was 16 MP; there is a high-speed focus and the ability to record video in 4K format.

Unfortunately, the phone has its drawbacks. Speaker sounds here quieter and worse than in S4, and all this is because of the water resistance of the phone. In S5 there appeared a fingerprint scanner, such as that of the iPhone 5s. The idea is good, but it works badly. Finger is rarely recognized, but rather almost never recognized. You should hold the phone in one hand and pass other hand over the scanner, what it is not very convenient.

The phone runs on Android 4.4.2, which is hidden under the Touch With shell. In addition to standard applications, Samsung has established a large number of unnecessary applications. However, there is one rather useful application S HEALTH, which has a simple and clear interface. The most important thing is that in the back of the case there appeared a pulse sensor and it’s pretty accurate.

On the phone there is installed Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC with the clock speed of each core of 2.5 MHz, RAM 2 GB.

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