footo: nokia asha 502

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Asha 502 DS: an Unusual and Practical

Introduction of the first version of the Nokia Asha Touch 501 marked the beginning of a new phase for the Finnish corporation. There were first budget touchscreen phones that were relished by many buyers. Why the Asha line representatives won the hearts of customers? It’s simple: take a good functionality, add a couple of useful buns, dressed all in attractive and extraordinary body, plus the low price – the formula is ready. Well, the below review will help to understand about other important capabilities of one of the best representatives of the Nokia Asha 502 Dual Sim family.

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foto: Nokia C6-01

Phone Review Nokia C6-01: Younger Brother

Since the release of Android-phones in the middle price segment, Nokia was pressed to the wall even more. Symbian phones even in the updated version do not find such popularity among customers as the competitor OS. Partially, the situation is rescued by the quality of materials used in the creation of the Finnish product. Only inveterate fans constantly buy Nokia Symbian. Judging objectively, such devices are largely losing Android. A pleasant Innovation was Symbian^3, before which release developers have worked hard to eliminate the most obvious mistakes and archaisms. Read more

foto: nokia-lumia-525

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 525: WP-Tester

The history of the Nokia platform phones from WP and before the release of the review smartphone was quite monotonous. Quality, but expensive devices were not affordable to a wide audience. A controversial reputation of the Windows-phones also made its contribution. The entry of the 525 models marked a new milestone in the development of the Lumia budget line. The public has finally had the opportunity to try out the phone, which can then push a large number of people to buy the more expensive versions. Nokia Lumia 525 was designed based on the image of its predecessor – the 520-th model. Let’s learn about all the pros and cons from the below review. Read more

foto: Nokia-Lumia-530-Dual-SIM

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 530: Merits of “Baby”

Rows of Lumia family received a new representative. The 530 model is the cheapest smart phone from this series. The main features of Lumia remained unchanged with a small correction to the cost. The device is attractive because of its motley colors and unusually pleasant (even visually) body covering. Assembly quality and its practicality are on the top. One can say that a smartphone is just perfect: inexpensive, small and compact. It does not even try to compete with the segment leaders. Nokia Lumia 530 is a kind of gadget meeting all customer requirements. For those who do not need a powerful hardware and the big screen, this “kid” will be a godsend. Read more

foto: nokia_lumia_610

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 610: the Pros and Cons of the Budget Version

Popularity of Windows Phone is increasing. Partnership with the Finnish Nokia helps to attract the attention of the masses. Although this operating system has a bad reputation, an objective examination shows its obvious merits. At least, its cost is significantly lower than Android-versions. Considering model has become one of the most accessible. And the facts speak for themselves – young OS WP is becoming more and more popular. IT’S a big merit of Nokia. Read more

foto: nokia lumia 620

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 620: a Good Phone for a Reasonable Price

During a few days this model has become the most popular and affordable device on a WP8 platform. The smartphone has excellent technical features and attractive design. In its niche Lumia 620 is the undisputed leader. This is a well-designed phone for a reasonable price. It can be recommended for those who wish to buy the first Windows-background device. More details about the features are in the below review. Read more

foto: Nokia Lumia 625

Review of Nokia Lumia 625: How it can be Considered as “a Hero of the Big Screen?”

Diagonal screens on modern phones are mushrooming. Only the public was accustomed to 4 inches, as soon as there are devices with diagonals almost 5 inches. Where there is a demand, there can be a proposal. In this race of a “Large format”, one of the most important factors is the price. Buyers are enticed by low prices and large screens. How good are these devices, we will try to answer in this review of Nokia Lumia 625 – a product that has parameters such as phone and tablet. For simplicity, we will use the vulgar name “Cover”, “Phablet” and the most common – “Shovel” Read more

Foto: nokia lumia 630

Overview of the Smartphone Nokia Lumia 630: a Budget Version of the Phone on the Basis of WP

From the earliest days of the appearance at the market, the models of the 600-th series belonged to the middle segment. Frames have begun to shrink after the rapid development of phones based on Android. Becoming the most popular platform, Android began to dictate the conditions that smartphones based on Windows had to be considered with. For this the developers had to be seriously engaged in the development and production of budget phones. In such circumstances, the 630-th model was launched, which was a good example of the type of smartphones like «MoneyPenny». Value for money is coming to an ideal. Everyone understands that in the race for leadership one should to sacrifice of something. Let’s find out in this review the Nokia’s victims and expected results. Read more