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Sony xperia z3 review

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Display Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Camera Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Processor Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Memory Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Battery Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Inside Full HD 5.2" display with tm for mobile and live colour

Sales of the new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 began a couple of months ago, and there is already information in the network about its successor – Xperia Z3.

This fact, however, is not surprising, because the update cycle of Sony flagship is six months. Therefore, the second announcement in this year will take place, according to tradition, in August (IFA 2014).

Appearance of a New Item

There already published photos, which allegedly show the metal frames of Sony Xperia Z3. According to new information, future flagship Sony will get a metal frame and is very thin.

It is noted that the case of a new product will have PVD-coating, through which it will be a “mirror-steel” (as, for example, Nokia 8800).

This coating is necessary not only to provide the smartphone with a more premium appearance. It is asserted that it prevents from corrosion and makes the smartphone much less susceptible to physical damages (scratches, dents, and so on).

Display and Camera

It is interesting that, according to the source, Sony will equip future flagship by “only» Full HD display.

After all, we know that all the top Android-devices of the second half of 2014 – LG G3, Samsung GALAXY S5 Prime, HTC M8 Prime – will have 2K-matrixes.


By this, all the remaining specifications of Sony Xperia Z3 will be at the highest level – a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a clock frequency of 805 2.7 GHz, Adreno 420 graphics, 3GB RAM and a 20.7-megapixel main camera.

What to Expect from Sony Xperia z3?

The gadget’s release will take place on September 3. No too long to wait. Same day, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Note of the fourth generation.

It’s not without a reason.

Only Samsung can compete with Sony, no matter how good are the other well-known companies and their new phones. Apple is clearly in the side, it makes the device based on a little bit different principle.

If the characteristics are really such as the company says, the phone will turn out just perfect. It will be able to bypass all the competitors in the market and set a new benchmark among mobile devices.

Of course, if it will not be hampered by Samsung Note 4; there are also preparing a great phone. Nevertheless, we all know the line Note always kept the leading position in the market.

In addition, Samsung has its famous S-pen, so that Sony must do its best to compete with Samsung, and even to recapture the lead.

Case materials of Sony are better than the Samsung ones, but the optimization of both is good. Anyway, Sony has all chances.

Just enough to remember that Sony has always made their flagships as dustproof and water resistant, while Samsung has made it just in S5. It has never happened in the line of Note.

We look forward to September 3 when the two global giants will present their fighters for the title of the YY2014-2015.


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